Learning and Training Taekwondo can improve your child's mental and physical.
KyungHee Taekwondo for Kids and Children
Taekwondo has no age limits and is a very good sport for children. They learn fast reactions through games, learn to respect others and learn to know their abilities and disabilities. There is very little contact person-to-person contact while practicing Taekwondo.  Only those students who choose to go to competitions and compete in sparring (which requires full protective equipment) are allowed to make contact. Taking part in a competition is not to hurt your opponent, but to test your strength, in both physical and mental ways.
KyungHee Taekwondo for Teens and Adults
Adults and teens of all shapes, sizes, and ages come to us, and those who stay will achieve their goals. Whether you're interested in fitness, self defense, or whatever, we're here to help you!
  • Women who are concerned about safety often begin Taekwondo training as a way to learn self defense. 
  • Men who want the benefits of an aerobic workout, with more structure and diversity, love training in the martial arts. 
  • It provides a strong cardiovascular workout with high level of personal challenge while relieving stress and tension.
  • No one has to be in shape to start Taekwondo; it ís designed to help you get into shape
  • All you have to do is try, and we'll help you train based on your abilities.