All WHITE BELT holders at Bukit Timah Headquarters
by master 2016-08-12 14:29:54
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Dear  Parents


We would like to give you some information about the Internal Grading and External Grading.




1.    Please come to the Taekwondo School together with your child at your allocated time.


2.    Your child needs to be fully dressed in their Taekwondo uniform already, with belt tied.

3.    The Internal Grading is around one and half hour.

4.    Parents are welcome to come inside the taekwondo hall to watch the Grading session, and leave when the Grading is finished.



1.       The External Grading will be held on Sunday 28th August 2016, at your allocated time.


2.       The Grading will start at 8:30am sharp.


3.       The Grading is about 10 minutes long.


4.       All parents should wait outside the Taekwondo School from 8:30am. 


5.   Kindly make sure you stay here during the Grading so you

can promptly pick up your child after the Grading.



Thank you for your kind attention.




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