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2016 Notice
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공지 Kyunghee Special Grading Event 2017 master2017-10-12352
공지 REMINDER: Grading application Form master2017-10-12328
공지 SPECIAL EVENT @ Singapore Polytechnic and Internal & External Grading Events November 2017 master2017-09-101168
공지 Grading in AUGUST 2017 master2017-06-132924
공지 Hari Raya Puasa Holiday master2017-06-102440
공지 No lesson on Monday 1st May, 2017 for Labour Day master2017-04-222792
공지 External Grading in MAY 2017 master2017-03-173464
공지 Poom Belt Ceremony on 19th March 2017 master2017-02-273268
공지 February Grading at JURONG EAST master2017-02-173456
공지 LUNAR NEW YEAR HOLIDAY 2017 master2017-01-253224
공지 Grading in February 2017 master2017-01-253756
공지 New Year Holiday from Sun 1st Jan 2017- Tue 3rd Jan 2017 master2016-12-203840
공지 Christmas Holiday master2016-12-203748
공지 The time slots for Grading will be out on Sun 30th Oct 2016 master2016-10-093996
공지 GRADING APPLICATION FORMS for November 2016 master2016-10-064060
공지 Upcoming Internal and External Gradings November 2016 master2016-09-204004
공지 HARI RAYA HAJI HOLIDAY 12th SEPT 2016 master2016-09-064032
공지 All WHITE BELT holders at Bukit Timah Headquarters master2016-08-124384
공지 All WHITE BELT holders at Jurong East Branch master2016-08-124480
공지 EXTERNAL GRADING TIMESLOTS - Bukit Timah Beauty World Centre HQ master2016-08-124560
공지 INTERNAL GRADING TIMESLOTS - Bukit Timah Beauty World Centre HQ master2016-08-124692
공지 Children’s Demonstration Team : Registration for new Term Sept 2016 master2016-08-024000
공지 Grading Aug 2016 master2016-07-163836
공지 August 2016 Grading at Bukit Timah Branch, Beauty World Centre master2016-06-233908
공지 August 2016 Grading at Juong East Branch master2016-06-233900
16 Poom Belt Ceremony master2016-06-151604
15 New branch at Jurong Gateway master2016-06-082229
14 INTERNAL GRADING DAY Sat 28th May 2016 TIME SLOT master2016-05-112736
13 Kyunghee Taekwondo NEW BRANCH OPENING 1st JUNE 2016 master2016-05-052504
12 Classes as usual on VESAK DAY 2016 master2016-04-272308
11 Slight change to External Grading Timeslot 29th May 2016 master2016-04-222640
10 Labour Day 2016 master2016-04-152588
9 Kyunghee Internal Grading SAT 28th May and External Grading SUN 29th May 2016 master2016-03-092876
8 Good Friday Holiday 25th March 2016 master2016-03-092640
7 Tots Open House 19th and 20th MArch 2016 master2016-03-092568