May 2014 GRADING
by master 2014-04-01 17:10:39
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Hello everyone

Our next grading will be on Sunday 18th May, 2014
Please check your time slot.
Please come on time.
Things to note:
1.Please come to the dojang already in your full uniform.
2. Kindly do not use the changing rooms because of limited space.
3. All female students must wear a plain T-shirt under their uniform (not a school T-shirt). 
    Do not wear accessories such as bracelets and earrings.
4. Please be at the dojang at your allocated time, which is stated in the timetable. 
    Please do not come earlier.
5. The Grading will start at 10am sharp.
6. Students currently with WHITE BELT to GREEN TIP BELT are required to reach the dojang 
    at 9:30am sharp for practice.
7. All PARENTS kindly wait outside the dojang during Grading.
8. For those who are currently holding GREEN BELT and above, please bring your ARM, SHIN,
    GROIN GEAR. (There is no need to bring head and chest gear.)
9. After the Grading , you may go home.

 White Belt 9:30 am
 Yellow Tip 9:30 am
 Yellow Belt 9:30 am
 Green Tip 9:30 am
 Green Belt 10:20 am
 Blue Tip Belt 10:20 am
 Blue Belt 10:20 am
 Red Tip 10:40 am
 Red Belt 10:40 am
 Black Tip Belt 11:00 am
 Poom Belt/ Black Belt
 Teens and Adults
 11:00 am

Thank you.

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