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공지 Christmas and New Year Holiday file master2015-12-1113476
공지 Kyunghee Taekwondo June 2016 Korea Trip master2015-11-198972
공지 External Grading SUNDAY 15th November 2015 master2015-11-118472
공지 Thank you for attending the Special Taekwondo Demonstration … master2015-11-118460
공지 Kyunghee Taekwondo Holiday 9th and 10th Nov 2015 master2015-11-078344
공지 External Grading Sunday 15th Nov 2015 master2015-11-078452
공지 No Lessons on Sunday 8th and 15th November 2015 master2015-11-038176
공지 Singapore Taekwondo’s first Special Taekwondo Demonstration… master2015-11-038424
공지 8th November 2015 Internal Grading: Special Event at UWCSEA … master2015-09-108168
공지 Public Holiday POLLING DAY Fri 11 September 2015 master2015-08-318488
공지 Kyunghee timetable on SUN 30th August 2015 master2015-08-248100
공지 Kyunghee timetable on Sat 29th August 2015 master2015-08-248256
공지 **EXTERNAL GRADING Timeslot** Sunday 30th August 2015 master2015-08-178208
공지 Internal Grading SAT 29th August 2015 master2015-08-178404
공지 National Day Holiday - We are open on Sat 8th August 2015 master2015-07-248128
공지 Upcoming Internal Grading and External Grading in August master2015-07-128320
공지 Lesson as usual master2015-07-068196
공지 Kyunghee Taekwondo Renovation master2015-06-139128
공지 No regular lessons on Sat 23rd May and Sun 24th May 2015 master2015-05-189028
공지 External Grading SUN May 24th 2015 master2015-05-188956
공지 TOTS CLASS OPEN HOUSE May 2015 master2015-04-199200
공지 Nestle Koko Krunch Junior Taekwondo Championships March 2015… master2015-04-199148
공지 Internal and External Grading May 2015 master2015-03-279172
공지 Poom Belt Ceremony Sun 22nd March 2015 master2015-03-209508
공지 Certificate Presentation for the Koko Krunch Competition 20… master2015-03-199512
공지 Kyunghee Taekwondo 15th Grading on 8th March 2015 master2015-03-099036
공지 External Grading 8th March 2015 master2015-02-239464
공지 Internal Grading Saturday 7th March 2015 master2015-02-239116
공지 Lunar New Year Holiday 2015 and makeup lessons master2015-01-2610132
공지 New T-shirts 2015 master2015-01-2610488
공지 Kyunghee Taekwondo Holiday master2014-11-2811972
공지 Red and Black Tip Training 9 Nov 2014 master2014-11-0710880
공지 Grading is coming very soon! master2014-11-0710844
공지 Poom Belt Certificate ready for collection master2014-10-1810792
공지 GRADING NOV 2014 master2014-10-1210592
공지 TOTS CLASS OPEN HOUSE September 2014 master2014-09-0511196
공지 August 2014 Internal Grading Photographs master2014-08-1711392
공지 Photographer on site on Sat 16th Aug 2014 INTERNAL GRADING master2014-08-1111004
공지 Internal Grading (SAT) and External Grading (SUN) 2014 master2014-08-1111236
공지 External Grading Timeslot August 2014 master2014-08-1111792
공지 External Grading 17th August 2014 master2014-07-2711160
공지 Internal Grading 16th August 2014 file master2014-07-2711252
공지 NATIONAL DAY HOLIDAY 9 AUG 2014 master2014-07-2710932
공지 June Holiday 2014 master2014-05-2711460
공지 GRADING Sun 18 MAY 2014 master2014-05-1611364
공지 GRADING Sun 18 MAY 2014 master2014-05-1610976
공지 Vesak Day Holiday 2014 master2014-04-2811224
공지 Labour Day Holiday 2014 master2014-04-2811316
공지 Kyunghee Taekwondo OPEN HOUSE DAY 2014 master2014-04-2811116
공지 Compulsory Training for Red Belt and Black Tip Belt Holders … master2014-04-1511708
공지 Good Friday (18th April 2014) PUBLIC HOLIDAY master2014-04-0711892
공지 May 2014 GRADING master2014-04-0112324
공지 TOTS CLASS new time master2014-03-1011336
공지 GRADING SESSION Sunday 16th FEb 2014 Timetable and Things to… master2014-02-1012292
공지 No Internal Grading master2014-02-1011868
16 TOTS CLASS new time master2014-03-1011336
15 Black Belt Grading 19th April 2014 master2014-03-034932
14 GRADING SESSION Sunday 16th FEb 2014 Timetable and Things to… master2014-02-1012292
13 No Internal Grading master2014-02-1011868
12 Chinese New Year Hours master2014-01-206596
11 Kyunghee GRADING DAY 16th FEB (Sun) 2014 master2014-01-175084
10 Internal Grading, 16th November 2013, Saturday master2013-07-158928
9 Registration for Grading in August 2013 master2013-07-156664
8 Taekwondo file master2013-03-146696
7 Taekwondo:combat tutorial vol.1 ”Basic skills” . file master2013-03-0810264
6 Taekwondo Side Kick Tutorial file master2013-03-017168
5 The power kicks in Taekwondo file master2013-02-276265
4 Korea Taekwondo fight file master2013-02-266571
3 Taekwondo Demonstration London Olympic final game file master2013-02-226458
2 How to Tie Your Tae Kwon Do Belt --Part 1 file master2013-02-198214
1 Taekwondo Best Knockouts (1) file master2013-02-1910686